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Hello my name is Gavin Collins, I am from Woodbridge Virginia and live currently just below D.C. in Northern Virginia. I am a sophomore here at Penn State pursuing a degree in Economics. With this degree I eventually hope to run my own business. I am the oldest from a large family of seven. I am a member of America’s only outdoor interest fraternity, Tau Phi Delta. My Hobbies include hunting, fishing, and playing the guitar.   I am interested in this course because I took an Oceanology course in high school and was always interested in the ocean. I felt that the units covered on plate tectonics and geography of the ocean was very interesting.   I think that this class will help me gain knowledge on how I can help to sustain the earth.


Being that I live close to D.C., the Potomac River as you may know runs between Virginia and D.C. It is one of my favorite places to fish. Over the past couple years the water running in this river has been heavily polluted, not just with human trash but runoff from erosion of tributaries up stream. This movement of earth has caused the Chesapeake Bay to collect large amounts of sediment and dirt causing harm to fish and other species that live in the Bay. Geographic assessment of these dire conditions might be able to help to sustain the health of the bay with more water drainage technology. Looking at the Potomac is on the smaller spatial scale of it just being a river, but if the pollution of the river changed it would directly affect the Bay’s health.

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  1. Hello Gaven. I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This last year Puerto Rico had a massive drought never before seen and we have had a huge problem with our beaches being so polluted that people cannot use it. It has been so devastating we have seen our fisheries get affected by that as well. The effect we have is incredibly widespread and definitely shouldn’t be ignored.
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  2. Hi Gaven! My name is TJ Diaz and I am from Hagerstown Maryland. The Potomac river runs past Hagerstown. I don’t know how much you know about the Bay and the River, but I have spent a lot of time researching it, and its history is very interesting. In our parents generation, the Potomac River and Chesapeake bay were too polluted to interact with much, but after a large restoration effort, they became what they are today. Last summer, I took a trip to a little town called Celina in Ohio. Celina has a small lake that is as polluted as the Potomac was previously. It was pretty cool to get to see that kind of environment because it was almost like looking into the past or the Potomac River.
    Well, nice to meet you!
    TJ Diaz
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