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Hello, my name is Jim Shaud. I’m a Senior here at University Park, State College. I am originally from the area of Swarthmore in Delaware County, about fifteen minutes out from Philadelphia. I am an undergraduate in the Smeal College of Business working towards a bachelors of science in Accounting. I start working as a tax accountant in Washington D.C. this summer. I love watching football and basically all sports. I passionately support the Eagles. I also enjoy playing video games like Fallout 4, lounging around with my friends, and listening to new music. This is my final semester at Penn State so I am definitely going to make the most of the time, being with my friends and having fun as much as possible. I hope to gain a better understanding of how people can affect and utilize geography around both in practical work and culture. Also the impact geography has on local environmental policies and other laws is something I look forward to getting a better grasp on.


In the social science perspective, it is very interesting to read about the human interactions with geography. It reminds me of a presentation that my group did in Intermediate Financial Accounting on the triple bottom line approach of accounting. This basically amounts to an environmental policy in which all impacts on society are taken into a profit margin. Financially measuring a company’s geological and overall environmental impact is a very tough thing to quantify but a very interesting and useful concept, one that I find very important. Overall, the mutual relationship between humans and the environment is key. Understand the world and our place in it is a fascinating and very important objective.

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  1. Hey Jim!
    My name is Akshat! I’m a senior at Penn State University Park. Here’s my post:

    I’m rather close to Philly but I live in Jersey. I’m also an Eagles fan! I was intrigued by your Intermediate Financial Accounting class that you took and how it related to geography and the environment. I realize theres innumerable amounts of impacts towards society and the environment, and how arduous of a process it really is to calculate the impact we have towards our environment. It is interesting to note that although we are utilizing the environment for vast number of resources and for overall profit, the impact we are causing to the environment and the planet is substantial. It causes us to question what “progress” and “the future” really is, if we continue to mass consume resources and implement more and more artificial technologies.

  2. Hello Jim, my name is Jason. I must say, that sounds like a pretty fascinating project you mentioned in your post. I also like your comment at the end understanding the world and our place. That is a concept that not many people take the time to think about, or at least it would seem that way. No matter what issues are presented to an area, us as a society need to take care of the environment because, after all we are a part of it. It is always beneficial to learn about the environment and ways to preserve it but, topics like this generally find political opposition making progress difficult.

    If any interest, here is a link to my posting.

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