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Hello everyone! My name is Landon Brenize and for this semester, I am not actually living in State College. I am a Junior currently still attending Penn State, but for the semester, I am living in Maryland and have an internship working with CohnReznick in D.C. I am originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and I am majoring in Accounting. I plan on going for my CPA after I graduate college. I never actually have taken a Geography class in college before and I was interested in seeing if I would like it and want to pursue more classes or not.

Growing up, my grandpa farmed and my family hunted and there was always food on the table. We impacted the nature and everyone around us. In module one, we talked about globalization and sustainability. Everything we do has some impact on the people around us or on nature. I believe that it is important for there to a good balance between the two in order keep doing what we want without worrying about things disappearing.

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  1. I agree completely with the need for balance. I have also helped with small family farms and eaten food from hunting and fishing. The ecosystem of areas are very important to not unbalance with over hunting, polluting, or introducing of outside variables like predators or invasive species of any kind.
    Although, specialization, like with dairy farming, is what makes supporting the large population of the earth possible. This is possible by diminishing threats of predators and starvation to the products that we depend on that allows for the increased production we are dependent on.

    Thanks for your comment on my post – – I agree with your comment.

  2. Hi Landon, it’s cool to hear you are attending Penn State while at your internship in D.C. Lancaster isn’t too far away from where I live, I’m sure you get enough jokes about the Amish though. It’s really interesting that your family farmed and hunted, my mom has been saying for years that we’re going to move out to a farm and provide for ourselves, neglecting the fact that she doesn’t like to do any physical labor and she loves the city. You make a good point about the impact we have on our surroundings. People tend to think things work independently without realizing how many small connections there are, especially in different environments/ecosystems.

  3. Hi Landon,

    My name is Steven DeAngelis and here is a link to my blog post:

    I was drawn to your post because I completely agree that everything that we do has an impact on the world around us. Doing what we want without worrying about the state of the Earth is a difficult balance to find, but if more people had that approach in life it might make some huge positive changes in the world. Good luck this semester with your Internship and good luck in the class.

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