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Hi, my name is Devin Walk. I am a freshman majoring in Civil Engineering. I’m from Bellefonte, PA which is about 10 minutes from University Park, and that’s where I grew up. My ultimate goal with earning my degree is to become a project manager for various construction jobs. I chose to take this class because I thought it would be interesting to learn how geography could affect the field I’m interested in studying.

Reading through Module 1, one key issue that stuck with me was the drought issue in California. The pictures of Folsom Lake from 2011 and 2014 were unbelievable. It just goes to show that when resources aren’t being properly sustained, they can be used up and sometimes you won’t be able to get it back- like nonrenewable resources.

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  1. Hi Devin! My name is Peter and found it interesting that you were also studying engineering here at Penn State. We also talked about the same issue, the California drought. I found the take you took on it about the use of resources very interesting as it is a big problem that needs to be taken care of. I am looking forward to working with you in this class and hope you have a great semester.

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  2. Hi Devin, my name is Chase. I find it very interesting that you are from right outside of University Park; this must have been very exciting to be so close to Penn State as a kid. Anyway, I too would like to spend some time in my career as a project manager, but at a software company. I am jealous that you are only a freshmen. I wish you the best of luck in your time here and hope you enjoy the class.

    Chase Sandler

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