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My name is Shoheb Sarwar and I’m in my first semester as a student in the world campus as a finance major. I was born in Bangladesh and came over to America with my family when I was seven years old. In 2008, I moved to Brooklyn, NY to live with some relatives, but am now back in Philadelphia, PA which is where I’ve lived and grew up ever since I came to the States. I currently work as a business analyst for an orthopedic hospital, and plan on either growing within this company once I graduate or pursue something in the investment banking industry. My main goals however is to eventually become the director of finance and accounting, then work on my MBA to hopefully continue growing. One of the reasons I am taking this course to be honest is because this was one of the few classes available when I was registering, and also because I’ve always enjoyed geography in school. Some other facts about me, to put into one word, would be sports. I’ve always played football and basketball growing up, but the years of physical contact has taken a toll on me. Which is why I look forward to summer every year to get out on the golf course now.

While reading through this module, the one topic that stood out most to me is human-environment interactions. I can recall from this past Christmas how we experienced 75 degree weather on Christmas day. Never did I ever imagine playing golf, in the east coast, on Christmas! First thing I could think of was global warming, it’s happening right before our eyes. Everything in this section from sustainability, governance, and ethics are all topics that I want to learn more about. These are things that actually get brought up in conversations amongst my friends, and I am looking forward to learning more about it as they are things that affect the world we live in.

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  1. Hi Shoheb! I appreciate your comment on my post! I think it’s really cool that you’re a part of world campus, I’ve never talked to someone who is a part of that. It’s awesome to see that you have really high goals for yourself and you seem really determined. Your comments about the Christmas that was 75 degrees was definitely relatable to me because even this year I remember it was in the 60s and I thought that something wasn’t right about that. I look forward to getting to know you as well! Thank you.

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  2. Hello Shoheb, my name is Jason. I must say, interesting line of work you have in mind in finance or accounting both dealing with lots of numbers. I always enjoyed math up until statistics and calculus but, that’s just me. I definitely understand what you are talking about concerning the climate changes that we have all been experiencing in the past few years. It is interesting considering there are two main sides to the argument, you could say. There are the people that believe the climate change is due to global warming and that humans are directly impacting the affects. Then there are those that say the Earth goes through cycles every couple thousand years or so and this is just one of those cycles. Personally I can agree with either side since given Earth’s history, a climate cycle makes sense on the other hand, the media makes “global warming” sound like it’s human-caused and legit. I look forward to this class possible shedding some light on this topic.

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