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Hello, everyone!
My name is Carmela Madrigal-Lua, but I go by Carmen. I am currently a sophomore at Penn State Mont Alto. I have spent most of my years in New Oxford, Pa, but I was born in California. My major is Early Childhood Education grades PreK-4 and I’m minoring in Criminal Justice. The age preference I would like to teach would be first grade, but I am more than happier to teach any grade because I love working with children. The reason why I am taking this course is because my major requires me to take. Although I think it is great because I can learn more about Geography. A fact about me is that I am the first one in my family to attend college. I have learned a lot so far from my college experience and I hope to continue to learn more throughout the remaining years.
Module one covered a lot of information that was very interesting. Although the one thing that stood out to me the most was human-environment interactions. In the reading, it said that it is the examination between ecological and social systems. It also talked about the many things that are under threat because of dry conditions, for example, there has been the shortage in water and wildfires. Another interesting point that I read in the reading was how human decisions can make a change on the natural environment which is also known as governance. I personally think that this is important to know because if we do not understand how much a human can impact the environment we will continue to harm it as the years pass.

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  1. Hi I am Emaleigh. Its cool because we have similar majors and I also am taking this course for my requirement. but I also want to learn about geography. you made some good points in your entry. I also agree with you the all of us need to understand our effects we make on the world and how we need to change so we don’t hurt the environment anymore. hope this course and your remaining years of college goes good for you. Good luck.

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