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Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey Shoepe and I am a junior studying Rehabilitation and Human Services in the College of Education. I am currently living in an apartment just off of Atherton. I was born in Hazleton, PA but moved to Texas when I was around 5. I have lived there ever since. After graduation I plan on moving back to Texas to work with students, most likely elementary or middle school students. I would like to work with students who have disabilities, most likely as an inclusion resource into the classroom for students in the special education program. I am interested in the course because the only time I have ever taken a geography course was in high school. I would love to learn more about the general concepts. I guess an interesting fact about myself would be that I have two tattoos – which are both the handwritings of my grandparents.

After going through this first module the one thing that struck me as interesting was how when people make decisions it will ultimately have some type of effect on the Earth’s ecosystems. I would love to learn more about what decisions are being made that have had such a large impact on the Earth and what will happen if people continue to make these choices. I can already tell that this class will be very different from the one I took in high school because then all we had to do was memorize a map of different countries, cities, states, etc. This class (already) seems to be much more in depth about certain aspects of geography and the who, what, when, where, why and how of the topics we will be covering.

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  1. Hey, Kelsey! My name is Tawnya and I’m a Sophomore at PSU. Coincidentally, I live off of North Atherton as well! I also have family in Hazleton so I am very familiar with the area. It’s fascinating realizing how much our carbon footprint effects the earth and ultimately how human decision-making changes the natural environment. I look forward to learning more about sustainability and how we can work towards improving these detrimental conditions. It was very nice to meet you!


  2. Hi Kelsey, My name is Katie and I am also part of the College of Ed! Your post caught my attention because of that. I also agree with how you’re intrigued to learn more about the repercussions from what we are doing to the environment. Do you think that learning more about human impact on the environment will effect your future teaching at all?

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