Getting to know You – Module 1

Hey everyone my name is Akiksha Mathur and I am a freshman at Penn State University Park. I’m currently undecided probably going to major in Marketing and Economics. I grew up in New Delhi, India. Penn state is literally a home away from home now though its very different in all aspects from where I come from. I only had one geography course throughout high school and completely loved it which is the main reason I want to learn more about this subject. Another reason I took this course is that I am very curious to learn about the activities going on the Earth’s surface. A fun fact about me is I have a bachelors degree in Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam. Apart from this I play guitar and read books in my free time.

One issue that I think Geography will be able to address is the concept of Sustainability. Noticing the changes in climate and environment over the past few years I think we all can conclude that human decision making and processes siginificantly affect the natural ecosystems, habitats, river systems, vegetation and climate. If we don’t act smart and realize the consequences of our decisions we will definitely do an irreversible damage to our environment. I believe if we address this issue now, we can still preserve our Mother Earth from further degrading.

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  1. Hi Akiksha! My name is Akshat! Here is a link to my blog entry!

    I was also born in New Delhi, but I came to the United States when I was 4. I’ve been living in New Jersey for the past 12 years. My mother grew up in Lucknow actually and was a singer for the All-India Radio when she was in college. She also teaches Carnatic music today which is quite related to Bharatanatyam. Anyways, I agree with you about the importance of sustainability. As we create more technologies every day and introduce more artificial things to this planet, we are doing our environment a disservice. In fact, I believe we already have done irreplaceable damage to our environment. Society must focus on limitation of pollution, reducing the concentration of industries that negatively impact the environment, and preserving land and it’s various ecosystems.

  2. Hi Akiksha!Here is the link to my blog: .I am also a student at University Park. I’m glad you are enjoying it so far. I agree that focusing on sustainability is very critical at this point. Much of the damage that has been done is irreversible. So, it is very important that we focus on preserving what we can.

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