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My name is Jiye Choi, and I’m a junior at Penn State, university park campus. I went high school reading, Pennsylvania. I am originally from South Korea. My parents live in Korea and I have one Chihuahua. I’m majoring in Energy engineering which I think it has close relationship with geography. The major reason why I’m taking this course is to fulfill my general education credit. Although there were several other options to choose, I selected this course because I was interested in geography. However, I didn’t have enough knowledge about geography before. I thought geography equals just reading a map. But geography was more than that. It is necessary to understanding where we live and to know the relationship between human and environment and more.

Today, overall world population is increasing gradually. In 2014, the world population exceeds 7 billion.  In global scale we can say it’s increasing however, if we observe closer to the local scale it is not same as global scale. For example, in Korea, experts predict drastic a decrease in population. It is because of low birthrate and elderly society.  And what makes me interesting is all of this never caused by itself. The low birthrate is also related to economic, political, educational issues. It’s very interesting that our world is all interact each other but there are differences all over the world.

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  1. Hello Jiye, I also am from PA and am attending university park campus. I am an environmental engineering student so we also have similar interests in that department as well. I find your post of the problem of population growth interesting and also I have thought of this situation myself as well. I understand that in China I believe they have a one child policy in which couples are only allowed to have one child per household, I also understand that often there is a problem with parents giving up children due to this policy. I just find it awful that someone would be forced to do this because our world cannot handle the influx of population to the planet. I am unsure of solutions to this issue but would be interested to know what a geographer has to say about it. My link discusses the relationship of environment and humanity, check it out here http://geog030.dutton.psu.edu/2016/02/01/getting-to-know-you-madison-halbom/

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