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My name is Brett Cruz. I currently live in Washington State but I will be moving to Northern Virginia in a week because my wife is Active Duty in the Army. I originally grew up in San Antonio, TX where most of my family still lives. I’m currently in the Energy and Sustainability Policy degree field. This course is a prerequisite requirement for me but I’m additionally interested in human interactions with the environment and how we can positively influence it to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. I just recently just drove from Northern Virginia to Washington State and next week I will be driving back from Washington State to Northern Virginia. It’s very exciting to experience driving from coast to coast twice!

The concept of sustainability is obviously very important to me. This is why I choose it as my major. Over time it is becoming more and more politically significant and ecologically critical. Just recently in 2015, world leaders have met in Paris and came to some consensus on improving global emissions in an attempt to slow global warming. Now, the consensus wasn’t by any means enough to effect real change, but at least it was a start. Module 1 discussed human-environmental interactions and how human decision-making and processing shapes and changes the natural environment (Lesson1). I am excited to delve deeper in this topic as with the melting of the glaciers and changing of weather pattern it is becoming more and more imperative for us to produce effective change and once again have hope for future generations.

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  1. Hello Sara!

    Glad to meet you. I suppose you need to find a few hobbies to keep yourself busy during all that downtime. May I suggest a good chess club? Seriously though, I applaud your drive and accomplishments thus far, keep up the good work. I became interested in this field of study as a result of systematic positive brainwashing and manipulation by various media, school, and political entities growing up in America as a generation X’er. It seems that what “they” having been saying is coming to pass after all. It seems our world IS fragile and we have an obligation to be good stewards whilst living here. I certainly wish you well in your fields of interest as well as this class.

  2. I’m excited for you and your wife in this move. I to have driven across country a few times, but a much different route than you are taking. I’ve gone the southern route from Virginia to Southern California but I have taken a couple different routes in going that way. I’m veteran myself and I wish you and your wife the best.
    Good luck in your degree program and learning more about sustainability.

    • Thanks Jason for feedback about the impending road trip adventure! By the way, thank you for your past service, and well wishes for myself as I negotiate thru my degree program. Good luck on your end as well.

  3. Hello Brett!
    My name is Sara Getson (You can find out more about me on my blog post here http://geog030.dutton.psu.edu/2016/01/20/introduction-sara-getson/). That’s so cool that you are in Washington! I grew up here in State College and am now majoring in plant science. I too and very interested in sustainability and humans’ interaction with the environment. In fact, after college, I would love to study bioremediation as a way to clean up pollution. How did you become interested in this area of study?

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