Getting to know you: Emaleigh Glossner

Hi, I am Emaleigh Glossner, I am 19 years old and I currently living in Bellefonte which is where I grew up. Bellefonte is about 20 minutes away from the campus. I am a freshman and my major is Childhood and Early Adolescent Education PK-4 which means I want to be a preschool/elementary teacher. I know you are probably wondering why am I taking this class. Well first I am taking this class as a part of one of my science requirements for my major. Plus, I would like geography and would like to learn more about it.

One of the issues in the world is human-environment interactions. Humans can effect the environment and the environment can effect humans. First, the environment can effect humans by nature disasters and wildlife. Nature disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc. can disrupt people life. It can destroy homes, landscapes, and people. Human society can effect the environment. humans have been changing the world for years; Species extinct, global warming, pollution, and limited natural resources. We need to learn how to balance the human-environment interactions.

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  1. Hi Emaleigh, I am Justin Tenerowicz. I think that is awesome that you are an Early Adolescent Eductation Major because my favorite teachers throughout elementary school were geography teachers. I like how you posted how the environment is able to affect humans. i liked this comment on your blog because as humans continue to contribute to global warming, these natural disasters will get deadlier and more frequent. The first step to put an end to this is to learn how to expend energy conservatively without harming the environment continually.

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