Getting to know you – Kessler Okoroafor

Hello, my name is Kessler Okoroafor. I am Nigerian but I was born and brought up in Surrey, England. I am currently a freshman in Penn State University Park and my intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I am taking this course for a general education credit. However, I am genuinely interested in this course because I want to learn more about the various social and environmental issues there are in the world.

Humans have had such a detrimental impact on the world which has lead to major issues such as climate change and global warming. Everyday we constantly burn and use crude oil to satisfy our daily needs for energy. Additionally, the natural resources we use such as wood, affect several ecosystems and natural animal habitats. It is important to find a way for humans and the environment to coexist sustainably.

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  1. Hi Kessler, I am Justin Tenerowicz. I too am taking this course as a general education credit as well, and I have the same interests as to why I am taking it as you. I think humans worldwide need to start accepting climate change as truth instead of denying as so many people do. I think it is devastating whenever pictures are posted online of deforestation that is occurring in several places around the world.

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