Module 2- Maura McGonigal

My diagram focuses on the story behind the creation and utilization of Biogas generators. The two main causes that triggered the implementation of Biogas generators are deforestation and negative population health effects from smoke based cooking techniques. The use of Biogas generators improved the social and ecosystem.   The social system was affected by improving children’s quality of education and women’s quality of life. Since the generators provide methane directly to households, women’s cooking times are decreased, which enabled them to then take slurry waste from the generators and create fertilizer. This then affected the ecosystem by improving the quality of soil and increasing crop production.


When comparing my diagram to Gerry Marten’s diagram, I noticed one main difference. Marten’s diagram focused on all aspects of the social and ecosystem, where my diagram focuses on specific details within the social and ecosystem. I think it is important to be able to look at the system as a whole and encompass all the contributing factors. However, I also feel at times it is important to zone in on the direct effects on the system. Marten’s and my diagram showed similarities in how the social and ecosystem are intertwined through feedback mechanisms. This is an important concept because it shows how changes in the social system affect the ecosystem and vice versa. The similarities and differences in the diagrams arise from individual perspective. It is always important to consider others opinions because everyone has different life experiences, which lead to unique perspectives.biogas-mkm5257

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  1. Hi Maura! My name is Rachael Donnelly. I really enjoyed reading about the points you made and the way you set up your diagram. I like the way you connected your points through using words such as improving, causing, decreasing, and increasing. It got the main ideas straight to the point and made it easy for viewers to understand. I agree when you say it’s important to be able to look at the system as a whole and encompass all the contributing factors. You put the factors in great detail and I think it showed how important these new technologies being introduced really are. Overall I enjoyed reading your post and checking out your diagram. Great work! If you’d like to check out my info the link is

  2. Hello Maura,

    I am interested in your system diagram because it is very similar to mine. I believe the biogas generators improved both the ecosystem and social system. The generators make a huge impact on those that utilize them in poorer areas of India. I also saw the similarities in feedback systems between my diagram and Marten’s. If you are interested at viewing mine, the link is:

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