Module 2: Katy Bordt


In the system diagram above, the green represents the ecosystem and the pink represented the social system. My system diagram show how the landscape was affected by the wood burning stoves and biogas. In module 2, we learned about how landscape is more than just the scenery. The module defines landscape as a “combination of environmental and human phenomena that coexist together in a particular place on Earth’s surface.” The wood burning stove affects the landscape in many ways, such as the need to cut down the trees for fuel. Also, my system diagram focuses on how the life of the village people will be improved because the biogas. The system diagram above and Figure 1.5 are similar because they are modeling the same system. In both diagrams it is shown how useful the biogas are in the villages, for example the compose produces better crops.  The diagrams both focus on the same main points, such as the demand for cooking, the different fuels that can be used, and how the fuels affect the landscape. The main difference between the diagrams is that my system diagram above is more focused on the social system and the effects the biogas have on the village. After studying both diagrams, I believe we can learn how different topics indirectly affect each other. For example, without the use of the diagram I would be hard to see how the biogas affects the economy or education.


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