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My diagram illustrates the factors involved in the social system and the ecosystem. After watching that video, I was intrigued on the process of creating the biogas and thought that it was very interesting. On the social end of it, I feel as though the main focus should be on health issues and that income should be the least important because if the process is not safe, it does not make sense to continue this process. As far as the ecosystem goes, the smoke was my biggest concern because it can directly affect the health of those involved, especially the women and children. What I found least important was that they were using up the firewood and natural resources.

When comparing my diagram to Marten’s diagram in “What is Human Ecology?”, one thing that immediately stands out is that we both use the same social system and ecosystem categories. While our categories are the same, our subcategories are not. Marten’s diagram focuses on broader ranges of categories while mine are more specific to the biogas process. One thing that I learned from comparing the two diagrams is that even though Marten’s diagram is focusing in on a broader topic, and mine is more specific to the biogas process, they follow the same format. This shows that when dealing with the same categories, you can expect to have similar results, no matter how specific you get.

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  1. Hi Ben, my name is Shoheb. Great work on your diagram. The difference in colors between the two systems helped in distinguishing between the two right away. What intrigued me the most about your diagram was how you were able to take the elements from one system and relate that to elements from the other system. I liked the fact that you focused in on the health issues, as that is an ongoing issue in India. Great work, and good luck this semester!

    Here’s the link to my diagram, thanks!

  2. Hi Ben, my name is Sarah, and here is a link to my blog post:
    I liked your input on the importance of health issues over income. The video shared that the smoke from the firewood was causing a lot of issues for the mothers and children that I think I may have overlooked before. While use of natural resources may affect the well-being of the people in India, they are nothing without their health. I also enjoyed learning about the biogas, and thought the use of cow dung to help the women cook was truly interesting.
    My diagram is similar to yours as we use more specific topics to the biogas process, and the Marten diagram is more broad. Good post; I enjoyed reading it!

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