Module 2 Activity – Katie Greiner

The system diagram below depicts the relationship between the ecosystem and social system in Karnataka, India after a Biogas Generator was put to use in the town. The diagram demonstrates the impact that the two system perspectives, the human system and environmental system, have on each other. The ecosystem column displays the environmental system while the social system depicts the human system. These two systems create something called a feedback loop, which means that impact to the environmental system has an impact on the human system and vice versa. The benefits of the Biogas Generators has  created a positive impact on both the environmental system and the human system in Karnataka. In the reading, What is Human Ecology?,there is a diagram titled, “Cooking Fuel and the Deforestation in India.” This system diagram is similar to the diagram below in that they both have the same underlying concept of Biogas Generators as a source of cooking fuel. Both diagrams contain information about how Biogas Generators have or will have an impact on both the environmental system and human system in India. Both diagrams also discuss what the  Biogas Generators produce, for example methane gas and compost. Even though both diagrams have similar components, the diagrams still differ. The diagram in What is Human Ecology? human system (social system) focuses more on how the population and the populations needs. The diagram below focuses more on the benefits of the Biogas Generator and how it is improving the quality of life among the social system. In comparing these two diagrams, together they can show us the needs of the human system along with the benefits the Biogas Generators will have on the social system. By separating these diagrams, the reader may not understand why the people in certain regions of India need a Biogas Generator to improve their social system along with their environmental system.


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  1. Hello Katie. I like the approach you took when creating your diagram. It seems to focus on the biogas technology and how it affects the social system and ecosystem. That is something that I overlooked, how it is affected rather than how the two systems affect each other. Good point as well, each diagram does explain something slightly different, both containing key information.

    If interested, here is a link to my post.

  2. I liked the comparison to the reading and the video, it seems like you may have had a similar issue with what I had, though my diagram is woefully oversimplified, trying to consolidate a diagram describing the social and economic effect of something that may have a huge impact on their lives or a rather small effect on their lives, though you have found a much better way to diagram the absolute assumptions than I have.

  3. Looking over your diagram and comparing it to my own is interesting. You have a different set up. With the middle column, your model provides an easier illustration to look at and understand. I like how you included a wide variety of points that are impacted by the generator as well. Your explanation is easy to follow and very detailed. I like it.

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