Module II: Biogas in India

Module II- Biogas System

In my diagram I used systems perspective to show linkages of positive and negative outputs from the two different fuel systems discussed in the video. I wanted my diagram to show the chain of effects that occur when people consume natural resources and when new technology is introduced into the ecosystem. For example, we were told how the wood burning stove was creating a recursive relationship. Although burning wood was vital for the villagers, it was causing deforestation. Deforestation affects the biota factor, structure, and organic matter in soil. These changes in the soil affect crop yield and runoff which ultimately affects the stability of both the ecosystem and social system. These degrading conditions were creating a humanized environment which was not sustainable for India. In the diagram I created, I used red boxes to represent the old system and its negative impacts on the village people and ecosystem. The green boxes were used to introduce the new sustainable system which caused a positive feedback loop. I increased the size and boldness of the font of my main ideas and used curved arrows to show linkage. When comparing my diagram to Figure 1.5 “What is Human Ecology?” I noticed a few similarities and many differences. We both separated the two main ideas of the biogas technology. We also used arrows to show the causes and effects from the different systems. Marten did not use any color in his diagram and he also used dashed lines to show correlations. By comparing the two diagrams, I realized how much information a diagram can hold, if properly organized. In the future, I might take a different approach when creating a diagram. If everything is organized and easy to follow, it’s much more understandable and desirable for viewers. Comparing the diagrams also showed how different and diverse our individual perspectives can be when interpreting human-environment interactions.

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  1. Hello my name is Jonah Kim. Here is a link to my blog:
    I liked how your diagram was more abstract than mine. You talk about the economy, deforestation, and health in a very simple way. In mine I was very detailed about each factor listed. But yours doesn’t make any less than mine. In fact, yours may be less confusing then my diagram because of how well you simplified your diagram. Good job doing that.

  2. Tawnya I like the way you approached your diagram. I think that separating the wood burning stove above the invention of the biogas generator really helps define the differences between the two Human_Environment Systems. In my post I tried to convey these same affects but I think you may have achieved a more clear representation of the cause and effect relationship between the two different systems. Give my post/diagram a look if you get a chance. Beautiful work on your diagram.

  3. Hi Tawnya,

    I really like the way you used color to demonstrate the perceived positive and negative impacts of different interactions. Your focus on the effects of burning firewood on agriculture are very relevant because that is the main source of income for people in these areas. Definitely a recursive relationship. Good job!

    • Hey Zach!
      I checked out your post as well and I really enjoyed your use of color and the simplicity of your diagram. You did not go into much detail but covered everything you needed in your paragraph. I like how you focused on the negative impacts of using firewood for fuel. You also emphasized the importance this new biogas innovation has on agricultural systems and crop production. Great Job!

  4. Tawnya,
    Hi my name is Katie. I really enjoyed looking at your diagram! I enjoy how you included a comparison between the wood burning stove and the Biogas Generators. I think that it helps to display the effectiveness of the Biogas Generators compared to the wood burning stoves. Your comparison also successful illustrates the feedback loop between the social system and ecosystem. Great work!

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