Food Choice and Social Norms Peter Han

  1. I did not know much about Penn State when I decided to attend college here. When I got here for the beginning of the semester, I started hearing about a place known as Canyon Pizza. After hearing everyone talk about how good and cheap this place was, I decided I had to check it out. Canyon Pizza does in face sell very cheap pizza, which is most likely why so many college students like to eat here, but I did not think this place was very good. Also, it is very convenient for students who live in apartments off of Beaver Avenue. The convenience and low cost of this food definitely made eating at Canyon Pizza a social norm for students who go to State College and it definitely influenced m the first couple months that I was at Penn State.
  1. Obesity in America has become increasingly more prevalent ever since the introduction of fast food places. Canyon Pizza can be considered fast food as it shares the two main attributes: fast and cheap. Obesity has started to become more of a social norm in America, as people seem to care less about what they are putting in their bodies. Many college students do not have very much money and are very busy a lot of the time, which makes fast food/ Canyon a very popular choice. This should not be the social norm in society, as eating healthier foods that are not so high in dairy or greasy fats. Even though obesity does not only happen from what you eat, this is a big part of it and we need to make healthier living the social norm.

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  1. I agree that the social norms are not always good. Just because something is affordable doesn’t qualify it as being a good product. The best consumer is an educated consumer. It would be nice if this country took a stand against GMO’s as they have in much or Europe and demand quality organic products for the marketplace as the norm and it should be.


  2. Hey Peter! My name is Christi. I could not agree more with you that obesity is a major issue in the U.S. and fast food is a MAJOR reason for this. I know I am guilty of eating too much fast food. Your post caught my attention because you wrote about the reasoning for obesity and I wrote kinda about the opposite and how the social norm of vegetarianism prevents it. Great job on your post and feel free to check out mine

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