Katie Greiner Module 9

The core concepts behind my diagram are the problem (fossil fuel emissions), the proposed solution (Copenhagen Accord), and then the means used to create agreed upon political action (Wikileaks Intelligence). The problem of green house gas emissions causing climate change is the core and reasoning behind Wikileaks. Climate change became a global issue that required political action and agreement in the United Nations. The proposed idea for climate change was the Copenhagen Accord. The Copenhagen Accord was a treaty proposal favored by large developed countries and more specifically the Unite States. The United States favored this “global deal” for the purpose of it having the potential to benefit the US and even fix issues for the country. Developing countries, such as China, opposed the accord because it wouldn’t benefit them and had no promise to actually cut enough emissions to actual prevent climate change. With not enough countries onboard, the US had to come up with some persuasion in order to get developing countries to agree to the Copenhagen Accord. This is when cyber warfare and spying by the United States came into play. According to Wikileaks, the United States sent out wiretaps to collect information from the developing countries opposed to the treaty. They US also attempted to hack diplomats’ computers through a code encrypted email that would grant access and control of the diplomats’ computers. This email hack attempt failed fortunately for those diplomats though. Even with the failed hacking attempts, the United States was able to use it power, collected data from the wiretaps, and money to get enough underdeveloped countries to agree to The Copenhagen Accord. This accord then became the UN’s solution to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020. Wikileaks is how this information became public about the US using spying, cyber warfare, money, and threats in order to gain support from underdeveloped countries for the Copenhagen Accord.

In my opinion, the State Department cables deserved to be leaked since the United States was using a similar type of spying and warfare. My opinion follows along the lines of if you are going to “dish it” you better be able to “take it.” Even though this made our country look bad, I think that it was a beneficial for the information to be accessible globally. I think this because it was definitely a wake up call for the US. The Wikileaks showed the US that we aren’t invincible and that we can be hacked. It also is good for the American people to have access to this information, because it shows that US citizens cannot hold full trust in our government. Wikileaks also brings up the issue of how the US is conducting political action. The ethics question we should ask is, “Did the US select the Copenhagen Accord because it was the best solution for climate change or for the United States?” By backing a solution to climate change that holds no guarantee of reducing enough fossil fuel emission and being more beneficial for developed countries may be the answer to the question. In my opinion, I think that the US pushed so hard for the accord in order to have the best solution for the US. I think this because of how they went about getting support for the accord. They were able to gain supporters of the Copenhagen Accord by using threats, money, and spies. This in my opinion is unethical and undiplomatic. The United State morally should conduct climate change diplomacy in way that creates solutions to the emissions problem that are the most beneficial to the majority of the world along with the environment. Without thinking about what is best for the environment when dealing with an environmental issue, the US is not creating the best solution for the problem. Since the Copenhagen Accord held no promises of success or change, it was definitely not the environment’s best option. The Wikileaks helped to show how the US government decided to take collective action in a way that was to benefit the US, rather than the world as a whole.kmg5849M9

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  1. Hi Katie, my name is Avi and I am a student here at University Park. I really liked how you explained the unfairness and ethics behind the way the U.S. handled the Copenhagen Accord. The question, “Did the US select the Copenhagen Accord because it was the best solution for climate change or for the United States?” that you proposed was a great way of looking at what the motivations were. I think the true cause of the Accord was blatantly thrown away in the self interest of the United States. If the leaks were available to the public the whole time, I believe public pressure would have forced them to come up with a more agreeable plan.

    Here is a link to my post if you’re interested: Did the US select the Copenhagen Accord because it was the best solution for climate change or for the United States?”

  2. Hi Katie, my name is Tyler.

    Agree with your general statement saying that the US is looking out for themselves and no the best interest of helping the climate change initiative. There needs to be actual discussions about what is happening to our planet. President Obama is actually working towards that now at the moment. Hopefully these shady dealings are done.

    Check out my blog! http://geog030.dutton.psu.edu/2016/04/08/tyler-brackbill-wikileaks-climate/

  3. Hi my name is Aaliyah here is the link to my blog https://wp.me/p3RCAy-epA

    My diagram is similar to yours. I also gave a broad overview of the main events that took place. However, I did not capture that the developing countries were in favor and the undeveloped countries were opposed. This is a very important fact

  4. Hey Katie,

    I agree heavily with most of what you said. The US representatives seemed to be acting only in the US’s best interest, not the interest of the environment at large. I think the Wikileaks leaks are very important for the American public to understand what the people who represent us are doing. Enjoyed your post!

    Ryan Gebhardt
    Link to my post: Hey Tyler,

    I like your post, I agreed with what you said in your second paragraph. It’s important that the citizens of this country understand what the people who are supposed to represent us. I agree that informing developing countries is the best way about it. Enjoyed your post!

    Ryan Gebhardt
    Link to my post: https://wp.me/p3RCAy-ebe

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