Module 10 Biodiversity- Carmela Madrigal-Lua

Using the information from Module 10, identify the issues of biodiversity. (Length 250-300 words)
Biodiversity measures the importance of a living organism on a particular scale. There are many reasons to why humans need to value biodiversity. The two most important reasons are because of anthropocentric and ecocentric. Anthropocentric includes the different lifeforms, for instance, food, medicine, scientific information, and many other useful materials that are used daily. Ecocentric are also valuable because it is based on the idea of biodiversity on the intrinsic value of potential human uses. The issue here is that both non-human and human factors are the big influence in how it is impacted. There are threats to biodiversity to the point that things become extinct. In module 9, we discussed the climate change and the impacts to the ecosystems. The climate change would be considered to be the non-human factor that biodiversity faces a greater threat because of the temperature shifts. There are many negative impacts that human have on biodiversity that is covered in H.I.P.P.O. H.I.P.P.O has five different threats that it covers which are habitat loss, invasive of species, pollution, human population and overharvesting. Humans do not see that their actions have consequences that can lead things to extinction. For example, in module 4 the water concept made one aware of how much water one really uses, but I think that people are ignoring the fact that biodiversity is important and the more that we continue to take advantage of it the sooner we will run out of our useful sources. Overall, there are valuable things that come with biodiversity, but it is important that as an individual we play our part in not making the factors a bigger concern.

From the reading discuss one of the specific examples on any of the five factors of H.I.P.P.O. (Length 150-200 words)
H.I.P.P.O has five different threats it faces. The one that stood out in the reading was invasive of species. In the reading, it mentioned how when a new plant, animal, or microbe is moved into a new area, it will affect the species already there in different ways. For instance, the brown snake from Australia was accidently transported to Guam in a ship cargo during World War II. Since the snake was new to the environment it had no predators which meant that there was no way the population was able to keep a check allowing there to be many brown snakes. It had an easier possibility to survive there than the actual region that the animal comes from. People do not think that by purposely or accidently releasing a new species to nature can have consequences. Not to mention, that one will not know all the possible outcomes that it will have to the species living in that area and to the species released. I think that people should consider the five threats that H.I.P.P.O., stands for because not only are we jeopardizing other living creatures, but we are making the factor a bigger issue.

Draw two system diagrams to go with 1 and 2.





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  1. Hi Carmela, your discussion on the invasive species is interesting, and I have the similar opinion. I think human is also a huge factor for the invasive species not only who transported but managing. As the invasive species are growing in number, people often don’t pay any attention to it until the number is large enough that are causing trouble and the situation is somewhat irreversible. I think human is very efficient in taking out species but not observing.
    In my post I talked about the mass die-out of bees discussed in the bees which could also caused by certain species though the answer isn’t clear.

  2. Hi, my name is Shelby and I am currently a freshman at PSU University Park! After reading your post, I can relate to some of the points you mentioned. In my post, I talked about the Amazon Rainforest and how that relates to climate change. You also talked about climate change and how it is an example of non-human factors biodiversity faces. Your second paragraph is also very good touching on subjects in this reading. You did awesome creating your own! Heres a short link to my blog if you want to check it out!

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