Modulus 10 – Ryan Gebhardt

  1. Why is biodiversity important to achieve?

Biodiversity on our planet is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Entire ecosystems rely on individual species to perform their acts in the system. If we start to let biodiversity slip through human action, we could cause a domino effect that wipes out millions of species of animals. If we are to preserve our own existence on this planet, we will need a diverse environment that enables us to utilize the world’s biological resources. Another important idea behind biodiversity is that this planet is the only known in the entire universe that contains human life. Of the vast, vast cosmos, only one blue dot among billions is known to hold the precious life that we take for granted. We should do our best to keep biodiversity alive for the sake of life itself.

2. What role do you see yourself (and mankind) play in biodiversity?

I personally believe that we can all collectively make a difference towards furthering biodiversity. We can use political pressure with our combined voice to steer policy towards “green” policies and away from poisonous practices like fossil fuels and over-fishing. Humans have been the catalyst if mass extinctions for too long. We need to take further steps to reduce the impact of the “superpredator” that is the human race. I personally will live my life according to the idea of maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with nature, and I hope that my fellow classmates will too.

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  1. Hey Ryan,
    I would also agree that biodiversity is very important to our lives. The policy you mentioned in your post should be taken into consideration. I think that if we worked together to live a “greener” life it would be possible. As humans, we take our resources for granted, but once they are gone there is no way to go back and change it. If you get the chance here is my post:

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