Yeeren Low – Biodiversity

  1. Explain why biodiversity is important.
  2. Explain the threats to biodiversity.
  3. Create a system diagram for the causes of deforestation in the Amazon.


  1. Biodiversity means that there are more forms of life we can use. But also, protecting biodiversity is important for ecosystem functioning. An ecosystem with biodiversity is more resilient, so we can take greater advantage of it. If we want to use ecosystems for our benefit, they need to function properly. Ecosystems contain complex relationships between organisms. Losing a species might destroy this order, as illustrated by the example of the honeybees.
  2. Humans may decrease biodiversity by destroying habitats, e.g. clearing of rainforest for agriculture. The rainforest soil is typically not fertile and so not conducive to habitation. Another threat to biodiversity is introduction of invasive species. When a new species enters an ecosystem, it might disrupt the prior order. For example, it may introduce unfamiliar diseases that wipe out some species. Another possibility is that the new species may prey on certain species and drive them to extirpation. This is related to overharvesting. Even if the prey is not extirpated, there may be a permanent decrease in biodiversity by the ecosystem changing to a new stable state. Pollution makes it difficult or impossible for life to flourish. Pollution doesn’t necessarily consist of synthetic chemicals such a plastics; it can also be naturally occurring chemicals present in too high concentrations. Even chemicals released into the environment at initially low concentrations can end up in high concentrations in some organisms via bioaccumulation. Finally, a growing human population can threaten biodiversity by e.g. habitat loss or pollution.
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  1. Excellent work in demonstrating biodiversity and ecosystems. The threats and causation’s of the continuing issues are very well explained. The diagram particularly well demonstrated and articulating your points of view on the subject. Thank you for your input.


  2. Hello Yeeren,
    My name is TJ Diaz. My post is at: I think something to note is that this chapter discussed that there are two reasons to preserve biodiversity and you only hit on one for your first question. The second reason is that biodiversity has some intrinsic value. Appreciating biodiversity has value outside of the direct use of the organisms that exist. We should avoid falling into the idea that everything we experience only has value if it can be used for human benefit. To think this way is to completely disregard the beauty of nature.

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