Ben Ceci – Biodiversity

In 150 – 200 words explain the most biodiverse place you have been to and why it is so biodiverse.

The most biodiverse place that I have ever been to was Puerto Rico. There were so many different species of trees and vegetation growing everywhere. We took a tour through a rainforest there and it was an experience that I will never forget. I think that the reason it was so biodiverse is because of the climate there. We walked up and down big hills to get to a big waterfall. There were areas where it was completely shaded and mainly dry and then there were open spaces where sunlight was able to come through and there were puddles. There were animals that we saw running through the forest, creating a moderate disturbance on the site and creating habitats of their own. There are no people living in the area, meaning that there is no development or compaction of the soils. This keeps the soils fertile and undisturbed and also doesn’t scare away the animals. All of these factors create a very biodiverse area over in Puerto Rico.

In another 150 – 200 words explain the least biodiverse place you have been to and why the biodiversity if lacking.

The least biodiverse place that I have ever been to is Arizona. While visiting family that lives in Arizona, we did some outdoor activities and it was nothing like the outdoors that most of us are used to. Landscaping was very limited which made it look even worse. I think that the reason for the low amount of biodiversity in this site is mainly because of the climate. It is so hot there that it is almost unenjoyable and I think that the plants and animals feel the same way. The most common type of plant that we saw was the cactus which requires very little water for survival. There is a limited amount of water here which is a serious problem because life of all forms needs water. We went the year after there were a ton of wildfires in this area. The wildfires add more stress onto the landscape and make it even harder to grow more species than it already is with the high temperatures and low amounts of water.

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  1. Hi Ben, I am Justin and here is a link to my blog post:

    The first part of your entry was really cool learning about the biodiversity in Puerto Rico. I liked how you explained what creates the diversity with the lack of development which would allow the wildlife to thrive. I also liked your discussion of Arizona. Being in the middle of the desert would certainly not allow the wildlife and other plants and animals to spring up. Only the most hardy of animals would be able to tolerate the heat and dryness which would create the lack of diversity that you had described.

  2. Great entry, Benedetto. I like when you mentioned Arizona. Despite its lack of biodiversity, I liked going there because there’s so much desert wilderness to explore. It’s something I could not have experienced if I hadn’t been to United States. In my entry I talk about biodiversity in Acadia National Park. You can check it out if you’d like.

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