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My name is Jason Cruz. I currently live in Scranton only about five minutes from Worthington Scranton. I grew up in the tip of northeastern PA in a town called Lakewood. My major is Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security Risk Analysis. As if now I am not sure where I would like to go after school, just looking for a decent company that keeps me interested in the IT field. I am taking this course as an elective to satisfy a natural science credit required for general education. I always had a slight interest in parts of history and geography all throughout schooling hence the reason I chose this class. Some fun facts about myself, I am a tire technician at Sam’s Club and in between classes I enjoy playing table tennis competitively.

A topic that interests me is the interaction between social and ecological systems. This is also quite the talked about topic as well considering there is usually some talk of a movement, protest, law, etc. when it comes to the environment and how humans effect it. At the same time nature has its effects on humans when you think about things like natural disasters such as the drought mentioned in the module in California (2012-2014). Even today, California still has wildfires that destroy acres of crops and forests both in which humans use as well as wild animals. The issue lies within the sustainability of both social and ecological systems. It is obvious that the environment would exist and flourish without human interaction however, does the same go in the opposite direction? Is our governance too loosely handled  to the point that human interaction possible prohibits environmental growth?

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  1. Hi Jason,

    I was interested in your post because I saw you live in Scranton. I live pretty nearby, in the Hazleton Area! As far as your topic goes, I agree it is an issue that must to some degree extend to a government and legislative agenda. However, it is a tough issue because it is so situational. How do you measure what ecosystems must be protected and which ones can be destroyed? And on the other hand, to what degree are we only hurting ourselves by promoting natural disasters? It’s a tough question.



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