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The first case study takes a look at deforestation in Costa Rica. It is provided by undergraduates from Colby College in Maine. It claims that if Costa Rica were to continue its logging operations at the pace their going, they would lose all of the tropical rainforests. Logging in Costa Rica is a viable option because it is readily available and produces high profits. The deforestation creates erosion increases spring runoff and soil destabilization. The deforestation also significantly reduces plant and animal diversity within the rain forests.By cutting the trees, the ecosystem significantly reduces its resilience, which the species are unable to overcome. A third significant loss is the carbon capacity. With significantly less trees and a growing population, Costa Rica will increase greenhouse gas emissions globally, thus changing the climate.


The second case study also takes a look at deforestation. This study shows the effects of deforestation in India, and is provided by the rainforest conservation fund. It details that since the 1940’s, the overabundant rainforest land has been significantly reduced by the growing population. The once forest heavy lands have now become wasteland, leaving about 40% of the country this way. The deforestation has ruined water sheds and coastal agricultural lands. This has also increased poverty in rural areas, and continues to worsen as the population grows.


The two case studies show the impacts of deforestation, which is a foreign problem to rural Pennsylvania. State College is surrounded by an abundance of plant and forest life that is rarely chopped down without proper restorative measures. As the population grows however, so will the need for logging. The mountainous geography most likely prevents any significant deforestation, but the climate change developed from other deforesting nations will have an impact here. Government limitations will hopefully decrease the rate of deforestation however, making the impact minimal. The problems that arise can be seen and avoided if any serious logging were to occur in Pennsylvania however.

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  1. Deforestation is also a great problem all over the world. Deforestation is a growing a problem and is directly affected by air pollution as well. Relating to the previous post I read I can relate to how air pollution affects deforestation in terms of killing plants and trees. Coming from India I liked how this post related to deforestation as it is one of the problems which are less discussed.

  2. I liked your blog post. I found my article on Colby too, though it was on farming. I thought your blog was really interesting. I would hate to see our trees disappear, they’re one of my favorite things about PA, I miss them when I go to other places. It’s sad to see people use up their resources and destroy the things that make their home beautiful.

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  3. Hello my name is Madison Halbom and I found your post very interesting in discussing the problem of deforestation in other countries. I am amazed at how great of an impact the deforestation is taking on the countries discussed. It’s crazy to me that these countries are not realizing that they are burning through there resources far too quickly and are unfortunately going to be left with little to no resource once the deforestation has completed. I only hope these countries will realize the impact they are having before it is too late. Check out my blog discussing the drought in Ethiopia…s-madison-halbom/

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