Biodiversity, Effect Diagram, and exploring my Hometown

     1. explore your hometown and find any threats to biodiversity.

2. create a diagram of the HIPPO acronym

3. Give examples of how the HIPPO is all interconnected.

     Biodiversity is an important detail for much of the world. In my hometown of Greencastle, I have thought of things that damage the biodiversity of our area using the HIPPO acronym. In my area I can see how human pollution can hurt the biodiversity in my hometown. There are several farms in my area that may pollute the water. I live near a creek that has had a lot of manure seemed to be run off in it. I feel as though this hurts the creek when it comes to the cleanliness of it. This may increase the amount of bacteria which may hurt the environment in the creek. Also, there is an invasive species of plant that happens in nearby streams. The plant has become so invasive it spreads downstream using the stream to disperse its seeds. This may stop growth of others plants as well as perhaps muddy up the streams as well. It is important to keep in mind the several different factors that may affect our biodiversity so we can live in a more sustainable environment.

Biodiversity is an extremely important topic when talking about sustainability. It is important to realize that all the organisms relate a lot. If in any way one species is affected, it affects the whole biome in turn. As we learned in the module, when bacteria get polluted, it may not affect whales. However, if the whale it’s the fish that eat the plankton on bacteria they will in turn be damaged. Invasive species also hurt all the species because they do not have any natural predators and they eat the same foods as other animals that cannot predate the invasive species. As we can see, with every threat to biodiversity it is true that it does not only affect one species but truly does affect the whole environment.geography assignment

2 thoughts on “Biodiversity, Effect Diagram, and exploring my Hometown

  1. Nice work with facilitating the HIPPO acronym into your assignment. Manure and fertilizer run off is a huge problem in rural areas, as is the same here in rural W.N.C. The effects of bacteria’s and invasive species can severely damage the ecosystem from its natural state of a perfect balance. Nice work. The work on your chart and diagram is specific and well demonstrated. Thank you for your input.


  2. Hi, klt
    My name is Ralph Diaz and my blog post is: I really liked your flow chart. I think it would be cool to see a more in-depth version of an H.I.P.P.O. flow chart because the interactions between the different components of the acronym make the system quite complex. An example of what I mean is that pollution goes into organism and habitat loss in your diagram, but that essentially is your first box “habitat loss”, so these five components can cause each other to occur. I think “less biodiversity” would make a good center for everything in this flow chart to end in.

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