Module 10

1) Discuss the why endangered and extinct animals matter to our ecosystems (150-200 words).


Many people notice that an animal has been added to an endangered list and goes, awe that’s sad or are shocked when an animal species goes extinct, but sometimes we don’t realize how different animals affect our lives as humans on a daily basis as well as our ecosystems.. Today I’m going to discuss specifically the affects that whales have on our environment and humans. First off, the logical answer which is their immediate ecosystems. For example, the whales affect the food chain and reproduction of other species by keeping in control of krill. Now it is constantly thought that by the extinction of one species may cause the other to thrive, it may also cause the krill to overpopulate and ruin the ecosystem. Here is a short diagram to explain some of the different ways their ecosystem will be affected:

Whale project

Along with that, as far as it affects humans, it has a huge affect on the economic systems of numerous regions. The whale watching industry generated $2 billion dollars in revenue during 2012. Along with that, each year it creates over five thousand jobs. This is a way that whale watching, when done in their environment is both healthy for their space, as well as our economy.

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