Getting to Know Sebastian Hollabaugh

Hello everybody! My name is Sebastian Hollabaugh. I currently live off campus at University Park, PA, but I grew up in Sunbury, PA. I’m currently in my last semester as an Architectural Engineer. I will be working in the Philadelphia area starting in June once I finish up. One of my biggest hobbies is competing in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. It is quite different from more its recent iterations, and I enjoy competing at local and national tournaments in it.

As an architectural engineer I think that buildings are very interesting, and geography has arguably the biggest impact on building design. The physical landscape, location, and local environment provide the basis when designing a building. I think an issue that geography is well suited for is mapping climate zones to address specific building mechanical systems. Since climate change is occurring relatively rapidly, maintaining an updated climate map is essential for system selection in relation to buildings. For example, the choice heat or enthalpy recovery is greatly dependent on location, and having a reliable climate map is necessary for making the proper selection.

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  1. Hi Sebastian,

    My name is Chris and I’ll also be finishing my degree in June. I never knew they had tournaments for Super Smash Bros, but it sounds fun. Building design is incredibly important to creating a sustainable future. The evolution of green design will hopefully alleviate some of the global climate issues, along with local environmental problems. It’s good that the next generation of architectural engineers understand the need for sustainability. Here’s a link to my blog post:

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