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Hi guys! My name is Haley Overton and I’m a sophomore here at Penn State from Doylestown, PA. I currently live on campus in South on my sorority floor. I started off in the College of Education as a World Language Education major intending to become a Spanish teacher. After last semester I decided that wasn’t for me and now I am an Early Education (K-4) major. I can’t wait to become a teacher and work with kids everyday. I also plan on studying abroad, hopefully in Barcelona. In my free time I spend a lot of time with my friends and participate in activities through my sorority Gamma Phi Beta. I needed to take this course to fulfill a requirement but I look forward to learning some new information. since I don’t know much about geography.

The part in this module that stuck out the most to me was the part concerning global warming. I feel like this is something we hear so much about but it is so easy to forget how serious it really is. After reading the first lesson I learned how much we affect the earth and have such a strong impact on global warming. I find that it’s easy to forget how much our actions now will really affect things in the future. Reading this stuff is scary but I think it’s important that everyone is aware of what’s going on when it comes to global warming.

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  1. Hi Haley!

    My name is Jacqueline Jimenez, your post caught my attention because I’m from Bucks County too! I am also an Elementary Education PK-4 major and originally was planning on minoring in Spanish.I love traveling and have always wanted to go to Spain. I wish you the best with teaching! I also thought that your points that you made on how easy it is to not realize how much our individual actions take such a toll on the Earth.

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  2. Hi Haley!

    My name is Kelsey and what caught my eye was that you are also in the college of education! I plan to one day become a Special Education teacher. I am also really glad that you brought up global warming because I think it is an important issue that needs to be recognized. Most people are unaware of what it really is or don’t care as much because it isn’t currently affecting them.

    Here is a link to my post if you wanted to check it out 🙂

  3. My name is Carmela and here is the link to my post:

    Hey Haley,
    The word Spanish is what caught my attention because I am Hispanic and speak Spanish. I once thought it would be nice to be a Spanish teacher, but I do not think I have the patience for teenagers. Just as you mentioned I love working with kids. I find it fascinating that you will be studying abroad in Barcelona. That sounds like you will have an amazing experience! Good job and good luck to you with everything!


  4. Hi Haley,
    My name is Jiye Choi.
    The word Global warming caught my attention. I’m very interested in at the same time concerning about global warming. I think a small action that we make can causes huge impact on global warming.
    we need to be aware of global warming and everything is interact each other.
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  5. Hello, my name is Shoheb Sarwar and here is the link to my entry.
    With that being said, I wanted to say good job on your post as it was brief and to the point. Honestly speaking, I continued to read the whole blog because I saw that you were in the greek society. I, myself am in a fraternity, Sigma Beta Rho, although we are not at Penn State yet. Social aspects aside, I also agree with you about the issues with global warming. It indeed is something that we hear so much about but never taken too seriously. Well, good job once again, and I look forward to getting to know you as my classmate. Good luck!

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