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My name is Kyle Hoke and I am a senior here at Penn State. I am from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and that is in the northeast region also known as the Poconos. I was born and raised there, so I’m proud to call the Poconos my home. I am majoring in Supply Chain in the Smeal College of Business and I am currently in the process of interviewing with companies for a supply chain management position. I have interned with a company called Sanofi Pasteur, a vaccine company. My interest in this course has a lot to do with sustainability and how geography relates to that. Here at Penn State, I am the President of the Roar Zone, which is the hockey student section. I’ve been involved with the student section since the Pegula Ice Arena opened its doors, and worked with some fellow students to make the Roar Zone an official student organization.

As I stated above, I am interested in the human-environment interaction aspect of the course. Business is trending towards “going green” and sustainability. Businesses make decisions on a daily basis that affect the natural environment. Having the knowledge about how decisions can be made without disrupting ecosystems will be a great advantage as the world uses its resources faster and faster. Sustainability has become a hugely important topic, and as a result many organizations have created entire departments headed by a Chief Sustainability Officer. Also, as a supply chain manager, I could be responsible for many aspects of the supply chain. For example, as a purchasing manager, there are ethical decisions that must be made to minimize the environmental impacts of shipping goods and products around the globe.

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  1. Hello Kyle, my name is Shoheb Sarwar. Please click the link below for my post.

    I chose to comment on your post for several reasons to be honest. One, I see you’re from the Poconos area, and I absolutely love that place. Every year, my friends and I take a week long trip up there, as it’s only about two hours from us. Secondly, I think your post was really well written, and I agree with your choice of topic. I look forward to learning more about all the aspects of human-environment interactions, and hopefully help each other along the way. Good luck!

  2. Hi Kyle, I enjoyed reading your post and learning about your intended position as a supply chain manager. Businesses are definitely looking towards lightening their negative impacts on their environment, but more than just ethics comes into play. Being in architecture, I have to balance the cost of the project with using greener technologies and local resources (which is harder than you might think); so I believe you’ll have to deal with similar circumstances in your line of work (example: is it better purchasing from a company that sells at half the cost that doubles their CO2 emissions for producing the product?). I hope this course will continue to be of interest and help you with career prospects!

    Continue to Roar. Here is my blog post (thank you for commenting):

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