Module 2: Learning Activity- Kelsey Somers


The core idea of my diagram is to show how the biogas plants interacted with both systems. I used system perspective to show there were both positive and negative effects in each system. The main issue presented in my diagram was how the wood burning stove presented a lot of negative effects. The wood burning stove needed firewood which caused the children to have lack of education, to do homework and to have meals. The use of firewood caused smoke which led to many negative effects. First the smoke was harmful for the environment, but also the smoke was causing health issues. The production of the biogas plants solved the negative issues leading to a positive feedback loop. The biogas generator benefited the environment by using cow manure. My diagram also shows how the composts from the cow dung benefited both women and farmers. Women sold leftover composts to farmers which then led to double income and farmers increasing their deals. The outcome of biogas generators benefited both the community and the ecosystem. My diagram has both similarities and differences to figure 1.5 in the Marten reading. Marten and I diagrams are both set up similar to one another. However, our concepts were different. My diagram focuses more on smaller effects. There are similarities and differences because there are many different ways to look at a diagram. What can be learned by comparing the two diagrams is that there are many different ways you can compare the concepts in both systems.

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  1. Hi Kelsey. I’m Yuying Ren. I’m a sophomore studying Geography at Penn State. Your diagram attracts me a lot. Your diagram shows lots of small element mentioned in the video. So do I. I think it’s very clearly to show the micro-connections between each component. Besides, the interactions are clear and reasonable. I can definitely understand the relationship.
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