Relate biodiversity with two concepts from other module from this course in 100-150 words.

Biodiversity relates to the module 9 topic of climate change. Climate change directly affects biodiversity. Because climate change affects ecosystems due to temperature rising, species living within specific ecosystems cannot adapt to these changes and become extinct – thus reducing the biodiversity of that ecosystem. Biodiversity also relates to the topic of sustainability. Biodiversity is a building block of sustainability. The variety of life on Earth is what contributes to the definition of what sustainability is defined as in previous modules: “utilizing species and ecosystems at levels in ways that allow them to go on renewing themselves for all practical purposes indefinitely.” Without biodiversity, ecosystems cease to exist since biodiversity is what allows an ecosystem and species within it to thrive. If ecosystems become endangered or extinct, we cannot utilize them or have a functioning environment for sustainability.

Create a systems diagram for the Amazon Rainforest and briefly explain it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.15.04 PM

This is a systems diagram on the decrease of biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest. I chose to focus on the factors that decrease biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest: deforestation, clear cutting, and poor nutrients within the soil. Together, these three factors decrease biodiversity within the Amazon Rainforest since it takes away the home for animals who live in the trees and creates an unsustainable living environment for the fauna present in the Amazon Rainforest. Unfortunately, this is something human activity drives and there should be steps taken to preserve the Rainforest, one of the best biodiversity areas in the world.

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  1. I found this post interesting as the first question discussed was about connecting the topic of biodiversity to other modules such as climate change. Also, similar to my post an article discussing about biodiversity in an area, and similar questions were chosen.

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    Your questions really drew me into your blog. To be honest I wasn’t even thinking about climate change when looking at this module. So that was a good connection from a previous module. I too had my responder take a look at the Amazon Case study because of how diverse it is. However, at the same time I too asked my responder to take a look and find factors that proved the Amazon isn’t perfectly biologically diverse.

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    I really like how our posts are similar in that we both did diagrams and we both related this chapter to other aspects. What’s more is I like how you related it to the other modules, it really brings the course together, whereas I related it to my personal life. Lastly, your diagram of the Amazon Rainforest is unique as well.

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