Learning Activity- Endangered Species and Biodiversity in your area

Part 1: Describe an animal or plant that has been placed on the endangered species list. Be sure to describe how they were led to be put on the list, and what you would do to get that animal/plant off of the endangered species list. (150-200 words)

Part 2: Describe what kind of biodiversity you hometown consists of. Be sure to include the location of your hometown and the things that make your hometown very or little diverse biologically. (150-200 words)

Part 3: Comment on two other students post comparing and contrasting your post to theirs. Giving valuable feedback to the students post and also leaving a link to your post.


Part 1: For my endangered species I chose the Canadian Lynx. I chose this mammal because I have very little knowledge of the lynx and wanted to gain a further understanding of why they have now become endangered. The Canadian Lynx is likely to be found in the far northern parts of the United States and much of Canada. It is unlikely to be found in areas lower due to its long legs and large feet it is built for hunting and deep snow and also its coat is built to withstand the harsh winters in the northern part of the North American continent. The Lynx has been placed on the endangered species list due to the lack of its natural habitat. The forrest and wooded areas in which the lynx is most likely to be found is greatly decreasing in quantity. Due to timber harvesting and recreational locations being built the lynx are being pushed out of there natural habitats. To fix this issue, I would implement strict deforestation laws that would prevent the harvesting of timber in certain locations that have been designated for the lynx to be able to live comfortably. It is not right that their home is being taken from them, we as humans can not just take the land that is not ours and has been these animals homes for centuries. That is why I believe strict laws preventing the harvesting of timber in certain areas would help to prevent the endangerment of the Canadian Lynx.

Part 2:

My hometown is Perkasie, Pa which is located about an hour north of Philadelphia and 30 mins from the New Jersey boarder. Perkasie has a mixture of small towns and cities to some rural areas. I consider my hometown to be fairly diverse biologically but can sometimes be threatened. We have a large amount of varying plants, and animals as we are located in a farming community but the development of farm land is a growing issue. As the deforestation increases in our surrounding areas we notice the lessening of natural animal in our lands. Luckily in Bucks County we have a preservation society in place that helps to protect farming lands from being purchased from developers to put up more homes in the area. Although this cannot necessarily prevent the development of all of the lands in my area it can at least ensure that my hometown will not be crowded in by new homes and business buildings but will remain at least partially  a farming community. I have grown up in a farming community and would not change it for the world, and will do my best to help preserve this level of biodiversity as best I can in years to come.

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  1. Hi! My name is Kevin I find your analysis of the Canadian Lynx issue very intriguing! If you have seen some of my other posts you may have seen that I work at a solar plant in California, what I have yet to mention is that the plains that my solar plant is built on is home to the San Joaquin Kit Fox. The county has made specific compromises in the contracts of all the solar farms, and with all building contracts in the county that ensure protection and monitoring of the Kit Fox by the companies that the county draws contracts with. I will not lie though, the kit fox monitoring and precautions such as special approvals for night works, specific biologists on site at all times for monitoring and 5mph speed limits at night (its an 8 sq mile site this is the worst precaution). I believe when governance does play an important role in the protection of indigenous species it can become a very successful program.

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. I think you did a great job incorporating course concepts. I also think your learning activity was creative. Its crazy to think that biodiversity loss can be happening in our hometown. Growing human population is a huge threat to species because we need more land, taking it from them.
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  3. Hi, I saw your post and thought your questions took an interesting approach to applying the concepts we learned in this module. I liked your idea of describing a plant or animal on the endangered species list. I also noticed that the biodiversity in your hometown is similar to mine which makes sense since your hometown isn’t that far away from mine. Interesting post thanks for sharing, check out the link to my post below.


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