Module 10

Assignment: Read the information about Costa Rica’s conservation efforts in Module 10.  In one paragraph, discuss what anthropocentric and ecocentric benefitis this could have.  In a second paragraph, talk about how actions like this could be taken to conserve biodiversity in your area or region.

Costa Rica has made a serious investment into their biodiversity by committing to be proactive in their conservation.  25% of its land has been set aside in national park in order to keep at least 80% of its remaining species intact.  Also, Costa Rica ended subsidies that encouraged deforestation.  Anthropocentric benefits include a blossoming tourism industry that has bolstered the economy.  Also, the diversity should keep the region more stable for agriculture. Ecocentric benefits include the protection of more species, cleaner rivers, less soil erosion, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

In the northwest region of PA, there is not much land set aside for natural habitat.  One example of an existing park would be Presque Isle on Lake Erie, which draws in thousands of tourists every year and generates a lot of business for the local economy.  It also protects many native species of plants and animals and preserves a natural piece of the Great Lakes’ shore.  Rampant destruction of natural habitat is not a common occurrence in the area, but there would still be recreational and ecological benefits to more land set aside for natural habitat.  There is an extensive amount of state game lands in the area that do provide some of this, but they are not very accessible even if they are open to the public.  I think it would be beneficial to create more state parks with facilities to make it more attractive for people to visit and enjoy PA wilderness.

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  1. Hello my name is Madison Halbom and I very much enjoyed reading about how Costa Rica has invested in the growth of their biodiversity. I had no idea that Costa Rica valued biodiversity so greatly, enough to make such a large investment into it. This is great to hear and maybe other counties will take note of their lead and invest in their own biodiversity prospering. I have personally never been to the Great Lakes but found you descriptions of them very interesting and how the parks are able to preserve the plants and animals local to the lakes.

  2. Hi my name is Katie and my blog post can be found here:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post because I had no idea that Costa Rica made such a large investment into creating more biodiversity in the country! I think that’s really great news to hear and hopefully other countries are able to follow this type of model. I also was interested in hearing about Lake Erie and the Great Lakes natural habitats. I was in Erie many years ago and I wonder how much it has changed since the last time I was there. What type of state parks do you think could be created around the Great Lakes?

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