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Hi, my name is Dylan Hellings and I am a sophomore at University Park on track to graduate in Fall of 2017. I am majoring in Security & Risk Analysis (Information & Cyber Security Option) and minoring in Information Sciences & Technology and Political Government. While in State College I live in West Halls and while I am not at school I live in Plymouth Meeting, PA where I grew up. Like many people at State College, I live in a town that is “right outside of Philly.” I am pursuing a career as a Cyber Security Analyst or a Cyber Threat Analyst. In my free time I like to play video games, my favorites being Rocket League and World of Warcraft. GEOG 030 interests me because I believe it is an important subject that is often looked over as many people do not recognize how geography has historically influenced governments, globalization, and several other aspects of the world we know today.

There is much more to geography than your elementary school quiz where you had to memorize the location of all 50 states. Geography spans from several facets of our experiences and influences including cultural, political, economic, etc. Due to globalization and the swift growth of technology, elements of geography that may have limited or confined humans have been put aside. Although there may no longer be constraints on communication due to an ocean or a mountain blocking your path to reach another person, there are still several components of human-environment interactions that affect modern day people. There are ecosystems that exist that can be harnessed and appreciated in different ways. Humans and the environment co-evolve  and co-adapt together.

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  1. Hi Dylan,

    Welcome to GEOG 030! I’m also from around the Philly area, haha those wild Eagles man xD. I noticed we share an interest in video games, Rocket league being one of my favorite games to play. I also share your interest in seeing how the subject of geography adapts to our fast-pace and evolving world. Globalization has led us to so many possibilities that it’s very important to analyze how we are progressing as a species.

    I wrote a blog entry about governance and geography if it interests you:

  2. Hey Dylan! My name is Michael and here is a link to my post.
    I too like video games although I like in particular sports games. I agree with your analysis in that i too believe that different ecosystems need to be appreciated in different ways. I believe that harnessing one ecosystem one way can be detrimental to a different ecosystem. Thank you for your post and i wish you a good semester!

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