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Hey everybody! My name is Michael Simons and I am a sophomore studying Early Childhood Education. I live on campus in Nittany Hall right now. I am from Long Island New York. Specifically in Lindenhurst if anyone happens to be from Long Island. I plan to pursue a career in Teaching. My specific area of study is pre k-4. But if I had to choose I would want to be a second or third grade teacher. I am interested in this course because I have never really taken a geography class and I feel like this is a subject that I lack in because I have never been taught the importance of it through my own education. I guess an interesting fact about me would be that I am an Eagle Scout.


While doing the first module in occurred to me the importance of global warming and how we affect the world itself. Its very interesting to me that by what decisions we make now can make a huge difference in the future (both negatively and positively). In the first lesson we learned about how us humans interact with our environment and how the sustainability concept applies to various modules later in the course. I believe that Global warming is a huge issue because it can determine how much longer humans can inhabit the earth.

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  1. Hi Michael!

    My name is Jacqueline Jimenez and I am also an Elementary Education major PK-4. I would really like to be able to teach third grade as well. I also have never really taken a geography class and am interested to take this course this semester. I think its crazy how humans continue to make decisions that have huge impacts on the world and not do anything with all of the information that we have today.

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  2. My name is Carmela and here is the link to my post:

    It is nice to see other people that are pursuing the same degree. I personally find education to be a great major because I love kids. From the sounds of it, you do too. The only difference about me is I would prefer to be a first-grade teacher, but my second option would be second graders. I hope you have a good semester and best of luck for what the future holds for you.


  3. Hey Michael ,

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    Great post, I was pursuing an education degree before I switched to economics. Also a great major, probably because I love kids. By the sounds of it you would make a great teacher. I would have to agree with your concern for global warmth, kinda odd that our daily lives on earth seem to not affect some of the population in regards to sustaining the planet we live on.

    Thanks and best of luck,


  4. Hey Michael,

    My name is Jim, good reading your post. Here’s a link to my blog:

    My good friend in high school was an eagle scout, I rember going to his induction/whatever ceremony and party afterwards in our Junior year. Good work on completing all your necessary projects. Definitely agree with your analysis of global warming, it is very alarming how humans are putting their future on earth in danger. I also am curious to see how sustainability will apply to all the other modules later on in the course. Have a good semester and good luck when you start out teaching.


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